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Housing Problems From 1974

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I thought people here would be interested in this clip.

Wasn't there a bit of a boom in house prices at the time?

The house price prob looks as though it shot up coz of huge inflation at the time! Wages also went thru the roof annually

Miras tax relief 'bribe' had been introduced for the well orf to buy a house

1973 was the oil shock - causing a World recession

Ted Heath/Conservatives had just been voted out due to literally 'busting' Britain

Labour were forced to go to IMF to borrow cash @ rip-off rates which set off an era of huge UK inflation.

Sound familiar Borrow from IMF= jobloss-recession/poor suffer most/massive inflation

Exactly what went on in Sarf American countries they sucked dry of money.

IMF kept raising the rates so it took far longer for GDP/countries to recover (to pay gorging IMF investor scum back)

Look out Ireland!

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Although i will say, on the wage front at least, things are far worse now.

They talk about house prices doubling within five years.

Well, so did wages near enough.


1969 11.820 69.117

1970 13.248 72.825

1971 14.737 74.054

1972 16.637 78.035

1973 18.884 81.102

1974 22.237 82.316

Compare the near 100% increase of house prices from 2001-2006 ( £83976 - £160319)

Wages increased barely 20%

2001 212.550 124.979

2002 220.286 127.396

2003 227.819 128.046

2004 237.795 129.788

2005 247.364 131.277

2006 257.544 132.475


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Look at the ratios in Sadman's figures.

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