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British Bookshops Chain Goes Into Administration

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They are & I agree they were really good - shame

These are quite good for research/academic/historical/social/economic etc discounted books


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When I started shopping there about 5 years ago, they were very cheap, and undercut most other stores. However the prices crept up for the last couple of years... once they became more expensive than amazon and the supermarkets, they must have really struggled. Sorry to see them go, but I can't see any smaller retailers of this kind surviving.

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I know a member of the family that used to own the business. They did very nicely out of the sale!

It will be a real shame if they go. In my town, they are pretty much the only place you can get a decently priced book. Also great for stationary and art materials, even the local art and craft shop doesn't stock some of the things they do.

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Is it true?

Have they Folded?

They were 'stitched up' and 'shelved'! :P

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I used know Michael Chowen, the bloke who started the chain, when he was the landlord of the office I worked in. You couldn't wish to meet a nicer bloke. When he sold it, it was a very nice profitable family owned business. It's been pretty much on it's way down since then. The current lot who own it (who also owned "The Works") were just part of that venture capital/management buyout marlarky that seems to plague UK business these days. It's a shame to see it go, as it was another choice in the highstreet, which now seems to just be filling with fewer and fewer different shops.

The internet, high business rates and expensive parking are killing the UK high street.

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