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The U S A Has Secretly Invaded Canada


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Robbie Savage is considering joining Vancouver (that's British Columbia, Canada) for those not so good at geography.

Well according to USA ESPN, that is part of the United States!!!! Exactly when the USA invaded and conquered Canada is not mentioned. Personally I think that should be the main story, but apparently on the Sports Network, Robbie is rightly the talk of the town.


To quote

Savage is keeping his options open and could move into coaching, but he is excited about the 'challenge' that a move to the USA could bring.

Anyone like to comment when this incredible event happened or equally importantly 'why?'

Before anyone suggests it's just the United States being it's usual "Canada is just a small country" self, I have to say I saw the perfect T-Shirt over there in Canada. It said "We're bigger and we're on top, so that makes you the b1tch".

Of course that could equally apply to Scotland over here, but let's not give them any ideas.

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