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Many are too scared to go back, and others simply cannot afford to - including presidential adviser Jean Renald Clerisme, who has one of Haiti's best paid jobs.

"I am in a rented house. And I am planning to move, and they are asking me $2,000 for rent. It is more than half of my salary," he says.

"When you have foreigners, the price goes up and the local cannot afford to pay."

In addition to pushing up local house prices, he says, foreign aid workers are actually encouraging more people to live in camps by concentrating nearly all their services around them.


Cholera, which has so far killed about 3,400 people, is yet another fear that people here did not have before.

Only half joking, people are being forced out of camps consisting of plastic sheeting and rubble because the landowners want it back, even with total destruction the poor will be forced

to rent from them.

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Only slightly true, the kind of places the aid workers will be renting certainly wouldn't be rented by any of the poor people there.

Prices will rise but there is normally a two tier system going, one price for the locals and one price for the foreign devils. Added to that the aid workers will be buying imported goods anyway which most of the locals couldn't afford anyway.

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