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Mikhail Liebenstein

Virtual Box Ose On Ubtuntu

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Just been playing around with Virtualbox on my Acer Aspire One (150), so dual core Atom 1.6Ghz with 1GB RAM, not a huge spec.

The thing that really has impressed me is the hardware abstraction, essentially it is so good that I have been able to install all kinds of different OSs without any issues.

So far I have installed a legacy copy XP, other Linuxes and Solaris 10. All worked really well.

I'd highly recommend this if you need to support any legacy apps. I am guessing a more highly powered box with more RAM would do a great job.

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Virtual Box is fantastic. It made the transition away from Windows dependence so much easier.

The non-open source edition has USB support (encase you didn't think it could get any better). :)

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I installed Windows 3.11 in VirtualBox, but even the most modern web browsers that run on it can't handle most modern web sites.

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