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Have an aquaintance, a young mother split from her husband, who has just taken a 6 months shorthold tenancy on a bungalow. It does appear that at some point in the distant past it has been broken into, via a toilet window As the stud that the window lever is slotted around and some of the wood work has been broken off [jemmied]

I would have thought this broken horizontal top opener and all the other windows should have window locks on them. What I'm saying is has the Landlord a "responsibility in law" to secure the property in such a manner, or is that up to the tenant.

Also whilst there are floor coverings, there are no window privacy blinds or curtains though there are in some window curtain runners. Surely shorthold tenants are next expected to supply and fit blinds/ curtains or are they. Again is there a legal responsibility on the landlord to supply and fit reasonable means of privacy. The property is not remote but it is not overlooked by neigbours, so anybody could be lurking around thegardens unseen..

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Sorry I can't help with the security issue, all I know is that we, as tenants had to insure our own contents and the criteria for the insurer was how secure the house already was ie: alarms / mortice locks / window locks etc.

As for the curtains and blinds - the house we moved into had nothing, not even curtain poles, digging around on http://england.shelter.org.uk/home/index.cfm I remeber finding some guidelines for LLs and I don't think they have to fit anything in the way of curtains or blinds. Ours did though once we asked.

There are lots of unofficial guidelines for LLs but I doubt they are legally obliged to do much.

Sorry I can't be more helpful!

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