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David Chaytor Gets 18 Months In Prison

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He'll learn what's meant by a BumBuster, and how to kill a man with a Curly Wurly. I wonder who is cell mate will be? Killer McTuff or Non-Payment-Of-Council-Tax Dave?

Does anyone know if he was ever a barrister - and if he'll be banged up with people he prosecuted or failed to defend?

Was he dragged from the court kicking and screaming "It wuz Elmo Blatch, I tell ya!"


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I'll see your Margaret Moran and raise you ...... Kitty Ussher.

Desperate grasping bitch! Genuinely caused a number of bouts of Tourettes when I read about her! Been in the house for 5 years. Bought it cheap cos it needed work doing, 5 years later when she thought she could pass the cost on to the taxpayer she suddenly develops expensive taste and a sense of entitlement.. Bitch, bitch, greedy ******ing bitch, bitch, bitch!


Kitty Ussher, MP for Burnley and Padiham, whose work at the Department of Work and Pensions includes the reform of housing benefit, used her parliamentary allowances for a £20,000 makeover of a run-down Victorian house, according the to latest reports by the Sunday Telegraph.

A two-page letter by the MP specified 12 separate major repairs, including the removal of an Artex ceiling.

She wrote: "Most of the ceilings have Artex coverings. Three-dimensional swirls. It could be a matter of taste, but this counts as 'dilapidations' in my book! Can the ACA pay for the ceilings to be plastered over and repainted?"

Ussher was said by the newspaper to have contacted the Commons fees office within 12 months of being elected to lay out the plans she had in mind for the property she was reported to have already lived in for five years.

"I am writing for guidance as to whether a number of essential repairs can be claimed under the Additional Costs Allowance," she wrote.

"The basic situation is that this house was relatively cheap to purchase but requires quite a lot of work."

A total of 12 repairs which she hoped to have carried out were then listed, including a bathroom which did not "function" and "peeling walls in the shower room."

"The plumbing in the entire house is strange," she added.

"There are pipes that are not used. Can we get them removed using the ACA? The electrics are also odd ... I am not proposing a complete rewiring but would the ACA pay for it to be made child-safe."

Ussher also explained that the previous owners had "reduced the size of the arch between the ground floor front and back rooms" and asked if this could be restored to its original state.

"Generally, there are gaps in terms of our furniture, white goods etc," she added.

"And some of the windows require curtains and/or blinds. I am presuming that if I just go to John Lewis and purchase non-antiques that this will be acceptable."

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Kitty Ussher...dear oh dear, what an A-Typical example of psuedo leftist ,champagne socialist, public money grasping,weasel faced harpy if I have ever seen one....

"She is now the Director of the London-based think tank, Demos"


Do these people *ever* have real productive jobs? That aren't in "PR" ,politics, think tanks or some other pseudo occupation that is classed as an "industry" but actually produces nothing of any tangible value or worth to humanity? :blink:

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Labour MP, on BBC News now, described Chaytor as "The straightest person that most of us knew" :rolleyes:.

For the first time in over 10 years, I actually believe a Labour MP

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