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Romanian Witches Cast Spells On Government


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Roma Put Curse On New Income Tax Laws


Romanian witches angry about having pay income tax for the first time hurled poisonous mandrake into the Danube River to put a curse on the President and Government.

In the past, the less mainstream professions of witch, astrologer and fortune teller were not listed in the Romanian labour code, as were those of embalmer, valet and driving instructor. People who worked those jobs used their lack of registration to evade paying income tax.

A witch at the Danube named Alisia called the new tax law "foolish."

"What is there to tax, when we hardly earn anything?" she said. Other witches, however, praised the new government measure, saying it gives them official recognition.

It's a novel protest, you have to say.

Could they be persuaded to give some unlucky heather to the Wizard of Osborne?

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Laughed out loud when I heard that on the news headlines yesterday.

As has so often happened, fiction is ahead of events. Reminded me of Pratchett: how Granny Weatherwax convinces the taxman it really wouldn't be a good idea to tax her, or the de-facto arrangement between the Wizards and the civic authority of Ankh Morpork.

Though having said that, these witches have probably blown it, burned their bridges. Granny would never have actually done the deed, she'd just have made sure the prospect was firmly in the minds of TPTB. Which is kind-of how the banksters maintain their privileges.

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