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This is how the argument goes:

House prices rising.

Less people can afford to buy, so more people rent.

This increases demand in the BTL market so more landlords buy property.

This has the effect of pushing up house prices, so more people rent...

ie what is happening is an ever increasing spiral of landlords buying property and more people renting.

Apparently because landlords have some secret power that makes it better for them to buy property (like utter disregard for economic fundamentals).

What this argument completely fails to regard is that high house prices have encouraged a glut of development, that is going to lead to an excess supply of accommodation that will last for decades.

This isn't like the dot-com boom where excess capacity just meant switching off a couple of servers and laying off staff.

This glut will last for decades, or until they start tearing down 2 bed "luxury" apartments and building decent quality family homes.

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the houses i mentioned are all forced landlords

cant sell so trying to rent

one house the owner bought a new build last march

it was up for sale at 150k

didnt sell so took it of the market

guess what its was back on at 179k few months ago

now its got 2 agents 1 selling 1 letting

what gets me is dont they realize theyve got bob hope of selling it

the bloke must be nuttyer than a squirrels fart

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