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Your Investment/savings Strategy For The Next Decade

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I've made a good enough return over the past two years through share dealing to retire 15 years earlier than i planned.

All i have to do now is resist the will to chance it all again.

But if I am deliberately controversial - what is your strategy to avoid risking it? IMHO, sticking it in a savings account is as much or more risky than sticking it in the stockmarket. In a bank account, you can pretty much guarantee capital losses, though whether these are 20% or 95%, who can say? Plus you get the additional risk of the bank going bankrupt.

At least you know the stockmarket will still be there. (Um, I think I'm safe to assume that, but you never know...)

So I don't get accused of dodging the question, I'm currently about 1/3 PMs, 1/3 GBP, 1/3 E.European property.

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Decision was made early 2009 when the CB's lost the plot.


Currencies hit the fan...Silver (and Gold) does well.

Economies grow...Silver does well.

DYODD and see you in a few years! ;)

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one small prob with your question - 10 years is short term in much investment parlance. Since my outlook is several decades then of course I am in real assets, but if I was retiring in 15 years' time then my answer would be more argued and more stressed!

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