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Stowaway Shambles: Asylum Seeker Who Keeps Trying To Return To Morocco Sues Britain For Stopping Him

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A failed asylum seeker is suing the UK Border Agency for locking him up for five years – even though all he wanted to do was go home to Morocco.

In an extraordinary case that exposes the immigration system to ridicule, Rashid Ali is seeking a six-figure compensation payout after being detained following his six attempts to stow away on ships leaving Britain.

Although UKBA has spent five years trying to deport him, officers did not want him to be freed from detention in case he escaped Britain illegally.

Now the 32-year-old has gone to the High Court for compensation after being freed on bail from the detention centre – where his stay was costing taxpayers £100 a night.

The Moroccan has been given a room in a shared house in Ilford, East London, and food vouchers worth £140 a month pending a court hearing to determine whether he should receive damages.

His prolonged detention has already cost taxpayers more than £360,000.

Ali said: ‘I am not a murderer. I am not a rapist or a paedophile; I am a simple man who only wanted to go home. They should not have locked me up. It has cost British taxpayers all this money to keep me locked up because I didn’t want to stay in this country.

‘They want to deport me but I should have just been free to make my own way. I know other people have got £100,000 from the Government for three years’ detention.

‘I should get hundreds of thousands of pounds of compensation for being locked up for this long.’

It's a marvellous system we've got, I love the fact he wants to break the law to get back and objects to us stopping him breaking the law.

Surely it would have been cheaper and simpler to give him a ticket home, the money would have been recouped in a few weeks which had been saved in food vouchers.

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Sounds like a British government agency though doesn't it?

5 fecking years and not one of the morons there managed to buy a plane ticket to morocco ffs.

I understand not letting him break the law and stow away on a ship returning to his home, even if it would have been easier and cheaper but 5 years and not being capable of buying him a ticket?

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Good on him.

We don't have the full story, but on the face of it five years is outrageous unless there's some rather more serious crime involved. Ergo, if his case and publicity can help put a rocket up the **** of some jobsworths who've been holding him, that's a Good Thing.

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