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Would You Stand And Fight Someone With A Samurai Sword To Protect Others?

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Gary's friends and relatives rushed to help him, saving his life by tying a tourniquet around his arm to stem the blood loss. He was ferried to hospital, where his bone was pinned and he was given 178 stitches.

Friend and fellow holidaymaker Glenn Chapman, 45, who witnessed the incident at around 2am on New Year's Day, said: "Everyone is ready to give Gary a hero's welcome when he is released from hospital. People at the resort are planning a thank you party.

"It is terrifying to think what could have happened had this crazed man got into the bar.

"Gary protected the entrance to the bar with a chair while over 100 people inside escaped, including many women and young children. They were running away and hiding in fear - yet Gary stood up to the nutter.

"He is a true hero."

Glenn, who was sitting only yards away on the terrace outside the bar when the incident first broke out, said: "Gary's injuries were so severe you could see the bone and he could have died from blood loss had someone not tourniqueted his arm.

"It's also lucky Gary is a big bloke - he's six feet four inches tall and he weighs 23 stone. At the hospital they reckoned if he had not been so big his arm could have been completely cut off."

Glenn said police on the island have launched a "major investigation" into the attack.

So who would stand and fight in this scenario?

He's lucky to be alive, but a brave man for letting everyone else get out of the way.

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I'd Bravely run away!!


Would I stand and fight ? Would I ****** !!

But whilst he was having a go at the big bloke I may have tried to sneak around behind him and smack him in the back of the head with something rather heavy. Depends if the bloke looked like he could run fast or not !!

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Would I stand and fight ?

If I was incarcerated in a cellar with two strange men who had tied my friend to a vaulting horse and were buggering him, and if there happened to be the odd samurai sword lying about and handy, I might just consider it. Otherwise I suspect I'd make a discrete exit and leave it to the professionals.

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Whether you stand and fight or protect would probably depend in most cases upon the extent of your genetic relatedness to whoever you were protecting, and you wouldn't know how you would behave until the situation arose, which is why many surprise themselves.

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