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Bob Loblaw

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Hi y'all,

Bit of an off one here, so just wondering what we should do.

Last October we sold our home in Dinas Powys to a couple from Devon. We pushed them for exchange and it is taking its time. We are due to exchange on 4th Jan, hoping to complete the Friday following.

Anyway, we thought we were in a chain, but they turned up at our house (and parked in our drive) in a touring caravan. Turns out they exchanged and completed today on their sale as they hated so much where they lived.

Not sure where to send them, I have said they can park in the drive if they wish.

This was 3pm. I spoke to the solicitor who said he has never been in this position before. The EA was none the wiser and he said it should get them committed to the purchase at least.

At 6pm we were sitting down to tea when they knocked at the door and asked if they can borrow our loo as there is a problem with theirs. The Mrs isnt too happy that we are now their public toilet.

Its Xmas Eve and whilst we were planning a Xmas at home quiet, I am wondering if I should offer them Xmas dinner. I mean, can you cook a Turkey roast in a caravan?

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I read this whole thread a few days ago. Personally I think it's a wind up but it's very entertaining if you fancy reading through it. It would make a great one off sitcom.

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Another post in their sorry story: :lol:

"Bah Humbug

Sorry for the early post, I need to vent. The wife is in bed and I am livid.

Mr and Mrs Clampit from down the drive decided to knock on the door at 7am this morning, apologetic that they needed to use the loo, they thought e had kids and we would be up! derrrr So I let them do their business and get back to the Caravan. One of them stank out the bathroom so whilst I was having a bath, I had to ponder their odour. The Oust has run out and the co-op I assume will be shut.

Last night when I thought lights were off and they were in bed, they actually went down the pub. They came back at 2am. He slipped over in the driveway on the ice, the wife was laughing her head off loudly and they clambered back into the caravan. Watching from the window i then watched him let his dog out which shat in our zen garden and again defiled rudolph. He made no attempt to clear up the muck left behind and at first light, the saying "never eat yellow snow" is never been more apparent. Rudolph the yellow legged raindeer has had its last Christmas I am afraid which is a shame as we have had him since we have been together,

Anyway, I wandered down to the motorhome and left a note on the window to wish them a Merry Christmas and would they mind walking the dog in the park over the road. I have also mentioned we are in and out over Christmas so if they need the loo, there is the BP down the road which is 24 hours in case they get stuck."


I'd be telling them to get the f*** off my drive and go to the local camp site.

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Just posted on the gold forum. Not the big one yet but a rumble nonetheless.

you need to advertise a bad day for gold so widely that you dump posts in every thread? It is a pity that you are always absently quiet on the good days. May be not though, I am usually thankful.

On topic, I only got as far as his new guests being done for drink driving. Couldnt stop laughing, will have to read the rest with a bottle of wine later. Poor sods.

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