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When Did We Become Citizens?


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When did we suddenly become 'citizens' instead of 'subjects'? Did I have a lie-in and miss it? Is it something to do with the EU?

Anyway, who asked our permission to make the change?:unsure:

That was the easiest citizenship I have ever got. I'm sure I was born a subject. Do I get a certificate?

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A quick search brings up 1983 : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_subject

I had always thought we were British subjects, but am delighted to find out that we are citizens. Maggie must have had a bitch fight with the Queen about this back in the day.

The citizenship came in much earlier - 1949 - but ran along side the subject hood until '83. It has left some oddities though, for instance my father is still a british subject, but not a british citizen, or indeed a citizen of anywhere.

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