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Be Careful What You Say

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Yes its the mail, yes the girl in question sounds like a ditzy airhead and possible libdem candidate, but anyway...


Dont know if this applies simply to illegal immigrants, because theyre a cut above the rest of us or whatever, but is worrying whatever it applies to.

Surely if you say you are going to kill someone, there must be some evidence of intent, otherwise its just a snide or comic remark. People must say 'im going to kill him' millions of times everyday up and down the country.

I must have said i wanted to kill Gordon Brown a few times on this very website. Despite the fact that i have no weapons, inclination or any real intention of doing it, apparently the mere suggestion is now enough to get you in trouble. You know, because everything people say they are going to do obviously means they are actually going to do it.

Is the law really that draconian, or is it just the police displaying their typical ignorance of the law?

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'upmarket' swingers' club :blink:

Yes, ive heard of a lot of these in the press recently. It seems that now the steam has run out of the estate/letting/recruitment agency rackets, the locusts have moved on to swingers clubs, as some prophesied a couple of years back.

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