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Seems Mr Shapps thinks the only problem is shortage of easy money. So let's prevent any house building from taking place anywhere, and at the same time, just to make doubly sure, abolish the nasty obstructive FSA.

And let the good times roll!

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New rules to clamp down on irresponsible mortgage lending risk shutting thousands of buyers out of the property market and deepening house price falls, the housing minister has warned.

Does not compute.

If theyre so worried about shutting buyers out, why not release some of the millions of acres the crown owns to new building. Provides a few billion for the exchequer, and thousands of affordable homes.

NIMBYS wont like it, but they dont like anything.

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The flip side of this is that without necessary controls/limits/just plain common sense investors won't touch the mortgage bond market with a bargepole. If there had been a clearout, all the rubbish thrown in the bin and some honest mortgage pools created from scratch the central bank's efforts in using low rates to try and herd investors back into this market (via the threat of destroying the money that isn;t getting inflation matching returns) then the mortgae investment market would probably be coming back now.

Again, the failure of short-termisn to even achieve their own short termist goals.

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