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Autumn Sale, Has anybody ever seen this before, an Estate agent in the Northwest

has put Autumn Sale across most of the houses in the local rag


395k - 365k

199.5k - 190k

195k - 179.950k

77k - 73k

and on and on and on

This looks great

and below is a picture of two gold fish and one saying to the other "rumour is were not moving before christmas!"


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Looks impressive when all those big numbers are written up like that, but it's actually only an average discount of 6.3%.  C'mon estate agents, you know it's going to hurt FAR more than THAT.......

As john Major used to say duing the last crash, if it's not hurting it's not working, yeah lets see 20-30% discounts, 6.3% indeed, thats not worth getting out of bed for.

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Our flat was in an autumn sale at the estate agents two weeks ago (North East - nice flat too) and no luck, the sale was an absolute disaster according to the agent. It's been on the market for months with no interest at all.

Thats because the EA are blatently saying sorry guys we've been ripping you off for the last year this is the real price, its hardly surprising the reaction of the buyers now.

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I Have got the article in front of me i will scan it tomoz and put it up for the non  believers out there :P  ;)

Dont forget this is the North soooooo this is Great

I believe you. I posted about this back on 26th Sep (I think) - it is Farrell Heyworth doing it in Preston. I had a look in their window yesterday - they are claiming it is a limited time offer (LOL!). A house on an estate I looked at 3 years (at the time it was £104k, couldn't sell and was open to offers) was down from 245 to 235k. Still ludicrous compared to three years ago though!

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