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Rip Off Britain - Quite Literally


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Saw this on the BBC


"Two teenage brothers from Stockport who recorded a charity single in memory of their mother claim their fundraising efforts are being hurt by a rival copy."

"The song was recorded with Chris De Burgh and released after the pair featured on television programme, Noel's Christmas Presents, on 19 December.

It had featured in the iTunes chart and had raised about £7,000 when the pair noticed sales suddenly tailing off.

They told the BBC they believe people are buying the rival track, which is labelled as "Lonely Sky (Ben Hazelby, Jamie Hazelby Tribute)", instead of their version."

"The firm behind the cover, JWH Records, could not be contacted for comment."

Well how nice of the company to rip off a charity single. What a scummy thing to do.

Anyone heard of anything as low as that this Christmas?

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