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Will Your Home Sell In 2011?

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QUOTE from farticle:

Simon Rubinsohn, Rics chief economist said: 'The lack of supply in the market is likely to prevent significant house price declines in 2011. The narrowing gap between supply and demand will see the gentle downward trend in prices currently taking place at least partly reversed as the year wears on.'

This is the EA's last argument: supply.

The fly in their ointment: Jobs.

People who lose them are forced to sell for what they can get or be repossessed.

Jobs are the Achilles heel and always have been.

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The EAs last argument doesn't appear to stack up according to Hometrack!

"Hometrack said demand, as measured by the change in new buyers

registering with agents, was down 4.8% on the month in December,

following a 4.3% fall in November. Supply fell less rapidly, with the

volume of property listings falling 1.5%."

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