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Quite a good piece in today's Daily Mail promising sales of the cetury as shops with massive losses the past week because of bad weather meet pent-up, pre-vat rise customers in a potential buying frenzy. They listed a few good what appeared to be bargains. Blowing away the hype has anyone else heard/seen where the real deals will be over the next few days?


Stores are promising shoppers a bargain bonanza after the big freeze devastated their crucial Christmas trade.

The holiday break has effectively been wiped out as shops launch a hard-sell offensive to recoup business that was lost in the snow.

Many national chains, including Marks & Spencer and John Lewis, will launch sales on their internet sites today with savings of up to 75 per cent.

There will be non-stop shopping via web outlets throughout Christmas Day, with predictions that five million people will spend a record £153million......

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