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Scottish Socialist Tommy Sheridan Faces 'several Years In Jail' After Being Found Guilty Of Perjury In Seedy Sex Swingers Club Trial


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Former Scottish Socialist Party leader Tommy Sheridan was facing years in jail after he was convicted today of lying during his defamation case against the News of the World.

The firebrand politician was found guilty after being awarded £200,000 following his successful 2006 action during which the newspaper claimed he was an adulterer who visited swingers' clubs.


London Mayoral candidacy and allegations of perjury

In 1999, Archer had been selected by the Conservative Party as candidate for the London mayoral election of 2000, when, on 21 November 1999, the News of the World published allegations that he had committed perjury in his 1987 libel case. Archer withdrew his candidacy the following day.[15]

The basis of the allegations originated with Ted Francis, a friend who claimed Archer owed him money, and Angela Peppiatt, Archer's former personal assistant. They stated that Archer had fabricated an alibi in the 1987 trial and were concerned that Archer was unsuitable to stand as Mayor of London. Peppiatt had kept a diary of Archer's movements, which contradicted evidence given during the 1987 trial.[16]

After the allegations, Archer was disowned by his party. Conservative leader William Hague explained: ""This is the end of politics for Jeffrey Archer. I will not tolerate such behaviour in my party."[17] On 4 February 2000, Archer was expelled from the party for five years.[15]

[edit] Trial

On 26 September 2000, he was charged with perjury and perverting the course of justice during the 1987 libel trial.[15] Simultaneously, Archer starred in a production of his courtroom play The Accused, staged at London's Theatre Royal Haymarket. The play concerned the court trial of an alleged murderer and assigned the role of jury to the audience, which would vote on the guilt of Archer's character at the end of each performance.[18]

The perjury trial began on 30 May 2001, a month after Monica Coghlan's death. Archer never spoke during the trial, though his wife Mary again gave evidence as she had done during the 1987 trial. When Archer's mother died on 11 July, aged 87, he was released for the day to attend the funeral.[19] On 19 July 2001, Archer was found guilty of perjury and perverting the course of justice at the 1987 trial. He was sentenced to four years' imprisonment by Mr Justice Potts. Ted Francis was found not guilty of perverting the course of justice.

[edit] Jail

Archer was sent to Belmarsh Prison, a Category "A" prison, but was moved to Wayland Prison, a Category "C" prison in Norfolk on 9 August 2001. Despite automatically qualifying as a category "D" prisoner given it was a first conviction and he did not pose serious risk of harm to the public, his status as such was suspended pending a police investigation into allegations about his Kurdish charity. He was then transferred to North Sea Camp, an open prison, in October 2001. From there he was let out to work at the Theatre Royal in Lincoln, England, and was allowed occasional home visits. Media reports claimed he had been abusing this privilege by attending lunches with friends, including former Education Secretary Gillian Shephard and in September 2002 he was transferred to a Category "B" prison, Lincoln, for a month, before returning to a Category "D" prison, Hollesley Bay in Suffolk.

While in prison, he wrote the three-volume memoir A Prison Diary, with volumes fashioned after Dante's Divine Comedy and named the first three prisons he was kept in. During his imprisonment, Archer was visited by a number of high-profile friends, including the actor Donald Sinden[20] and the performer Barry Humphries.[21][22]

In October 2002, Archer repaid the Daily Star the £500,000 damages he had received in 1987, as well as legal costs and interest of £1.3 million.[23] That month, he was suspended from Marylebone Cricket Club for seven years.[24]

On 21 July 2003, Archer was released on licence, after serving half of his sentence, from HMP Hollesley Bay, Suffolk.[25]

So higher or lower than Archer in a jail sentence?

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These newspaper cases make sordid reading don't they, usually involving a liar versus a muckraker. You'd like to find them both guilty.

Recently, you may remember that Max Mosely won his case against the News Of The World for the 'bondage session in the basement' story - complete with video. Max did not deny the expose. His main argument was that it was none of their business and an invasion of privacy. The Judge agreed. The News of The Word wittered on about a terrible restriction of professional journalism, story of vital national interest (yeah right) but the Judge wasn't having it.

I think our libel laws don't help - especially with the absurd costs and damages. In the Mosely case, the NOTW's costs were £1.2m.

There's a good Guardian article here about the French system. There the onus is the other way around: the defamer has to prove his side of the story, or prove there was no intention to defame. You don't need to prove your innocence or lie in the attempt.

You won't win millions in damages under the French system, but the defamer gets a criminal record.

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Good news for the Tommy Sheridan Was Framed T-shirt industry. Get your very own for only £25:00 including P&P. All proceeds to go to the Scottish Socialist Party.

The Solidarity Party surely. The Scottish Socialist Party ones will be anti-Tommy Sheridan.

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sounds like one of tose little britain sketches dunnit?

either she's completely downtrodden or she's up for a bit of hanky panky herself :lol:

Well, she's got about four empty-bed years now to come and go as she pleases. I've no idea whether British prisons allow 'conjugal visits'.

Have you noticed? In so many of these cases, it's 'former friends and colleagues' who do the dirty.

And why do guilty people instigate these cases in the first place?

I could never understand the old system of challenging someone (wrongdoer) to a duel. You had more chance of getting yourself shot than any retribution. Libel cases seem the modern equivalent, and as self-destructive. Especially with the attendant publicity.

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I could never understand the old system of challenging someone (wrongdoer) to a duel. You had more chance of getting yourself shot than any retribution. Libel cases seem the modern equivalent, and as self-destructive. Especially with the attendant publicity.

Well, duels did do wonders for the gene pool for a while, then the sensible practice was outlawed and civilisation has been going downhill ever since.

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Well, duels did do wonders for the gene pool for a while, then the sensible practice was outlawed and civilisation has been going downhill ever since.

Dunno . . . but certainly duels were mostly used to settle the kind of wobbly cases that libel proceedings do now.

I was recently in the Pushkin museum in St Petersburg. Pushkin challenged this French military guy (d'Anthes) - who danced with his wife at a ball - to a duel and lost of course. I'm just astonished how people are willing to lose their lives or livellihoods over some published sexual innuendo. Then or now.

To this day, there seems to be no evidence that Mrs Pushkin was a slapper. And she wasn't even a wobbly single mum, but a married woman with four kids no less.

We are lucky that Murdoch and the News Of The World is a recent and restricted invention, otherwise countless poets and novelists would have been buried long before they'd written a word.

Who really cares what people get up to in their private lives?

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So you're saying people can vaccum up kittens if they do it privately?

If the kittens can speak, are happy with the situation, and quite enjoy being vaccummed up ? Yes.

I bet Sheridan just wished now he admitted he was a dirty ******* and left it at that. Nobody would have been really surprised and very few would have given a toss.

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You gotta love The Daily Mash. The rest of the MSM just doesn't get it. But then neither do politicians.

Sheridan, who will be sentenced in January, said he was proud to have taken on the might of News International, armed with nothing but dozens of brave lies and a truly courageous amount of sleazy adultery.

The bright orange former Big Brother contestant has been a fierce critic of News International, particularly when he was a columnist for the Mirror Group, the newspaper company owned by banks and pension funds that make Rupert Murdoch look like Mahatma Ghandi's lovely old mum.

But now the guilty verdict has shattered his plans to return triumphantly to his utterly insignificant political career in which he made not the slightest difference to anything.


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