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Seemed to work, but something very similar has been posted before.

So what is your view on this, and why did you think it important to post? That helps get the discussion going...

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Indeed, but someone needs to start the ball rolling with a decent dose of vitriol, ideally in this case aimed at anyone thinking the concept is daft.

The main options

1. bankers getting pissed up and falling over is outrageous.

2. dealing with it in a practical and cheap way is outrageous.

3. well, it seems a pretty sensible way to deal with behaviour that is par for the course.

4. shame no one puts as much effort into looking after the uk homeless when its ******ing freezing out.

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Isn't it a fitting metaphor that the same bankers and lawyers who couldn't control their greed when offered the ability to make a killing packaging and selling on junk mortgage debt as AAA, can't physically control themselves when it comes to a free bar.

Psychopaths - just wearing suits - that's all.

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