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Red Baron

Gold Versus Fiat Currencies

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My apologies if this article has already been posted. It dates from last year, but is as pertinent today. It's by Richard Greene



"Gold has held its value over very long periods of time, unlike any former or present fiat currency. Gold and gold stocks can be more volatile than any asset class; particularly at a time when fiat currencies are on their last legs. Gold is the enemy of fiat currencies because it eventually reveals the truth, the fraud behind the fiat currency. As it emerges in a primary bull market, gold will have to weather the attack of the proponents of the fiat currency, as they cling to its withering life. If you look at history, you will understand which will win, and you should move to protect yourself as the mountains of credit and paper money, gravitate to their true value. BUY GOLD AND SILVER!"

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