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Inadequate Heating

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hi peeps

we live in a rented property which has a 30 year old boiler which barely works, also the time clock does not work at all

we are having to have the heating on all the time so it is warm when we get home from work, we have been complaining about this for six months and nothing has been done.

would we be in order to start deducting £50 per month from the rent til the situation gets sorted

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Daddybear has come back hpc.. fanfare.. unfortunately your namesake was one of the most profetic posters on HPC and will always be remembered for his prediction signature which spelled out the unwinding sovereign debt crisis we now find ourselves.

You tread in hallowed footsteps.

With regareds to your rent, Do you have a letting agent? Get everything in writing and I'm sure your be ok to reduce your rent.

To boost your room temperature I've always found turning the cooker on and leaving the door open (rememeber to light the gas mind!) beneficial, Also filling up the bath with hot water, and putting a thick curtain and draught excluders under doors. Oh and hot water bottles.


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