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Vostok Cabin By Atelier Van Lieshout

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With the quality of that welding I'd say it very far from indestructible.

It's a work of art commissioned by a museum.

You plebs are not supposed to make any comments. Sadly, you do not possess either the intellect or the culture to do so.

The only input that is required from you is to hand over the dosh so that these √úbermensch can create even more of these Deeply Significant Art Installations.

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They seem to think it is nigh on indestructible, yet it looks to me like a very small HEAT round would do the job nicely.

or even a big hammer to knock those door pins out

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If it's supposed to be mobile how exactly does it move? I'd like to see it being towed out of war-torn European capital on a lorry, with the driver saying 'let me through, I'm an artist!' :lol:

Historically, artists are experts at dragging things....


I've just realised that 'Atelier Van Lieshout' may be an alias of Erics'


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