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BTL: Buy To Let

This is done by those who think they can use the 'dead' money of those renting to buy property for them. No business plan is required as the housing market is a dead cert; rents and prices just don't fall. The fear of negative equity if the inflated prices they have engineered also fall is not even worth thinking about.

EA: Estate Agents

Highly trained professionals who will provide an accurate description of a property, and value a property after lengthy and careful consideration. In our market-driven economy these are deliberately left unregulated to ensure the market produces only quality EAs.

FTB: First Time Buyer

Someone who hasn't had a mortgage before. FTBs are aspiring to become OOs.

HPI: House Price Inflation

The change in house prices month on month, quarter on quarter or year on year. The largest figure is normally used to pump as much extra hot air into the bubble as possible. (See also VIs.)

OO: Owner Occupier

Someone who either has a mortgage (in which case the bank owns their home so they are not really OOs) or owns it out right. This has to be one of life's major ambitions; anyone who isn't an OO is (clearly) a lesser person.

MEW: Mortgage Equity Withdrawl

When you use the increased value of your home to get a loan against. Everyone should be ecouraged to do this as they can they can use their own home to get another (see BTL) or a flashy 4x4 child-killing-ozone-eating dream (see prat).

STR: Sell To Rent

A home owner who has taken the profit from their inflated house price and is renting, waiting for the property values to fall then they can get on again at, or near, the bottom.

VI: Vested Interests

Those Estate Agents, property companies, television companies, etc that have a stake in the housing market, and so would be affected if it crashed. What they say is very important and you should take careful note of it -- after all they are the experts.

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Can this be pinned for the newbies please webmaster?

I second that.. and perhaps it can be used to expand the explanations in the glossary...

What glossary I hear you all say (look at the links at the bottom of the page)... perhaps a more prominent link to it on the front page is needed?

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