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This Uncut Tax Lot?

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What is their agenda? Just trouble causing?

Two issues: no cuts and tax dodging rich. I can only support one of those (never understood why progressives don't get shocked at public waste of money the way conservatives do).

I think they should be rebranded the non-taxpayer's alliance ;)

Seems they want a fair tax system, shock horror. Of course, having noticed the rich and corporates pay not tax, they haven't noticed the seemingly counterintuitive answer that a flat rate tax would raise the tax rate of the wealthy and therefore be more progressive. Since this is the aim on the right they could get a left right coallition on this. However, their twitter feed has stuff saying the TPA are a load of astroturf corporate people so I'm not holding my breath.

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What is their agenda? Just trouble causing?

Confused and misguided.

One of them was on t'wireless this morning, debating with someone more clueful. Admitted that tax simplification was a better idea, and morphed his position into getting the issues into public debate.

And yes, any such bandwagon is sure to attract the attention of serious troublemakers. I guess you meant to ask whether they're in charge of the show, to which I don't know, but the twit on the wireless sounded more confused than malicious.

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