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It has gone! It was there a few minutes ago. It had a lot more detail of what had been going on. Where is it?!!!

Edit scrub that - URL now not working, this is it:


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And now he's posturing and wanting sympathy :-

"It's just a question of something going wrong and people looking for a scapegoat," he told me. "But I'm a great man of honour.

"Not everyone has a rightful claim to refunds. This bad publicity is hurting my business and if I give people their money back, I'd have no business left. I need support and understanding."


With his ability, presence, energy and charisma...

he could have built up a legitimate business,

provided employment for many,

given genuine opportunities for investors, clients, contrators...

but he has gone for quick money for himself...

and messed up totally.


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"We borrowed on our cards for the Pounds 3,245 cost of the No Money Down course last August"

The irony is literally splitting me in half

LOL, indeed.

I nearly p*shed myself laughing at that too.

It's as if they have accepted that the course cost money, but that there was no money required up front for the actual investment leading on from it.

Just how did they expect to make any money on this?

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" I trusted him, he sounded so sincere."

Doh! most conmen do.

Jeez all you need to do is look on the jobs page under "Conmen required" first line is always "applicants must sound sincere"

I watched the program last night, come on it could not have been more obvious if he had turned up sporting a Sandwich Board saying "I'm going to rip you off"

Greed don't half get allot of people into trouble, no sympathy really...sheep are there to be fleeced and thats a fact. :ph34r:

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