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Panorama - Gordon Brown In Deep Do-do's

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Did I dream it or did I see a preview last night of a forth-coming Panorama which looked to be along similar lines to the "Tonight with Trevor Mc Donut" thing last week?

I can't see any mention of it in the listings. Maybe it was just wishful thinking.

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Maybe it was just wishful thinking.

Yes. But, don't worry about it - you're in good company. People have been going on about it regularly for the last 8 years and proved wrong, time after time after time after time....................


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perhaps the prudent one has been found out. this is what happens when a clown is allowed to waste other people money

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If I was a psychiatrist I would declare UK PLC insane and quietly slip it a suicide tablet so it can quietly go away and die.

Instead the nutter has been set loose under the "Care in the Community Scheme". It is currently coming to the end of a rampage on the high street, and will shortly piss its pants before being being caught with a large butterfly net and consigned to a locked room with padded walls and no windows until a cure is found or its condition improves dramatically.

Nurse! Bring me a tube of conducting gel and charge the electrodes!

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