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The Perfect Dance Track

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Not sure if this one is on here yet.

It's one of those which got played to death so much there's a bit of me that says "I can't listen to that again" - a bit like Strike's "U Sure Do" further back in the thread.

But listening again it really is a wonderful piece of ambient music. Someone - well, specifically Robert Miles - had heard some DJ Dado, I think.


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House Traffic (vocals Yvonne Yaney)

Everyday of my Life


This is as far as I'm concerned, perfect. And unique. There is nothing that sounds like it. If you know different, I want to know... :)

Agreed - just bought it - love that flutey bit

It's actually my all time favourite tune, by a long way. Nothing comes close. For anyone who missed it:


Check out the "Interstrada mix" - all on iTunes, I think - the breakdown bit about 2/3 of the way through - bang, bang, bang bang boom... what you might call the "dance version" - Mike Koglin again:

OK, I'm aware this tune fits firmly into the category of "handbag", but then dance is such a wide genre...

From Italy, released 1994, got nowhere in the UK charts, re-released in 1997 I think (I have both the original vinyl, the later vinyl and CD) and made it to something like #40 for one week. There's just no justice :(

Covered twice subsequently, the best cover being Hackett featuring Justine - OK not as good as the original, but not substantially changed:


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thanks DTM for starting this thread off!

first, a 90s boozer classics:

(AMEN UK, Passion)

Now another cheezer:

This one sounds like one of Moby's but with even more energy. Sadly I was too young then but I wish I could have been there. The mc from this played at most Judgement Days in Newcastle...

Another TTF classic:

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Some happy hardcore sampling bits n pieces from earlier, when scott brown was making interesting stuff..

A big trancer from Jam n Spoon:

And finally, a lab4 classic (they were incredible live):


Also, I used to love a tune called melonhaus - asset stripper but I've never once found it on youtube, if anyone can oblige.


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I was thinking about this one a few weeks ago, even looked for it, but then I thought it was by Public Image Ltd. I didn't realise it was actually under the Leftfield name before they went a bit weird and spawned a dance category of their own. This one is a bit of a minor masterpiece IMO

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