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Will Smith's Kids


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If you have the talent to keep the masses happy (as consumer zombies) you and your family will be well rewarded for generations to come.

Or maybe they just have a passion for acting. Lets face it they don't have to lift a finger all their lives and be set but they decide to use their talent to do something they enjoy.

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Give it a few years and we'll have Krusty Allslop's kids presenting Junior Location. Pasty-faced posh kids will choose which pads they would most like to live in and show them to their parents.

Just you wait.

No need to wait. If Kirsty is reading this (go on luv, you know you love it!) I'd like to propose a series aimed at 5-year-old buyers called "A Doll's House". Featuring superb starter properties such as this one:


peaches geldof?

There is no rational explanation for her success. (I discount a pact with Satan as that doesn't fit under the category of rational explanations.)

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peaches geldof?

although she has never pretended to be an actress / singer or whatever. Her "fame" is about who she is, chat show bollokcs, and being a somewhat cute, f***ed up character.

Her limited fame is all about that twisted fascination people have for looking at a car accident. In slow motion.

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I don't think nepotism in the entertainment industry persists if the talent isn't there.

Sean Lennon and Julian Lennon had fifteen minutes of fame but were clearly both shite. Jacob Dylan's music career's never taken off.

I thought Sean Lennon was quite a good songwriter. I suspect he never really wanted to put in the hours to "make it". Indeed, why would he?

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