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Back in the days when I drank vast quantities, I always found that a teaspoonful of Marmite, followed by a pint of water before going to bed always helped.

I think it was the Marmite more than the water that helped.

That'll be the 'B' vitamins in the yeast then...

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Absolutely stone cold way to avoid a hangover - drink shandy.

It's really not that bad to drink, you can have as many as you want, just don;t admit what you're drinking. Only downside is having to keep getting up for a piss in the night.

Or at least one pint of lemonade to start off - slows you down, puts water in your system - and another one to finish and put more water in. Doesn't totally avoid it but it's never as bad, and it is better than drinking shandy if less effective.

Second Christmas party coming up, I like them but take a low key approach. Haven't got plastered for years.

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