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Crunch Date 2019

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I seem to have gone topic crazy this evening, but anyway:

This is an interesting link on the future of the UK's Finances.

They outline 3 scenarios after we have completed the current round of cuts by 2015. (obviously this is an assumption in itself)

1) we spend any future growth (not all that unlikely)

2) we use half of growth to pay down our debt

3) we use all of our growth to pay down the national debt

Their essential argument is that 1 is the most likely outcome and this leads to an Ireland-type situation in 2019.

Situation 2 leads to debt problems by 2031

Only situation 3 leads to getting rid of the national debt by 2041.

Grim - only something between 1 and 2 seems likely for the next 10 years at most. :huh::(

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Given the short time horizons that our politicians overwhelmingly focus on (to the next election, plus maybe the one after that) then I'd say they'll go for the spend the future growth option to buy the next election. Especially if it's NuLabour in charge of the purse strings again.

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