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Here Is A Recession Proof Business

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As crematoria go the shares look cheap on an urnings per share basis....

.. nice to see them thinking ouside of the box.

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Talking about death and its infallibility to provide a source of income, why has it never become a boom industry? Maybe it has - has the price of graves shot through the roof? Does anyone have any graphs showing the average price of a plot since the 1990s? Whilst I'm on one, does anyone know when the last mausoleum was built, where and what was the cost. Finally does anyone think it is possible to have a graveyard bubble? Rather than BTL we could have DTL.

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You've been re-hearse-ing that joke haven't you.


we'll have no morgue of that thankyou!

(I'm sure I just heard Richard Whitely faintly mumbling in the background!!......let's all join hands and hold a seance!)

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has the price of graves shot through the roof?

It might be worth having my lawn consecrated. Could add a few grand to the price @ sale...... :P


having said that people are increasingly taking the non-consecrated route. Forest burial is becoming more and more popular,

Natural Burial


which raises the question as to whether foresty could still prove a shewd buy. Forest burial costs seem rather high,

"We are currently standing in what we call a prime area because of the views etc. It is covered in bluebells in the spring. A double plot here would cost £3000. In other areas of the woodland the prices range from £1500, £2000 or £1500 for double plots. Included in this price is the reopening of the grave for a second burial"

but if you think about all those roots, it ain't something you could do with a spade.

......Unless you go this route:


Naturally you'd need a change of use granted. Anyone prepared to do the work on T&CP......?

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