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What Are Your Top 5 Favorite Aim Companies?

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What are your top 5, favorite AIM, small cap companies, with big potential?

[Could be Oilies / Mining / Any sector]

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Red Rock Resources

Dominion Petroleum

North River Resources

San Leon Energy

Amur Mineral Corp

Polo Resources

Nyota Minerals


Niger Uranium


I couldn't stick to 5 !

Not in any order and a few have performed somewhat already but all have a way to go yet.

Whilst there are other very good stocks, most of these are lower level and if they play out ok then i can easily see 3x in all of them, more in some, over the next 3 to 18 months.

And yours ?

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Still working my way through the long list, before compiling the shortlist.

But these are some of the 'likelies'











Maybe I should have asked for your top 5 East African.

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I dont do aim stocks in geopolitically risky places, so would say BPC, CAZA, AVN, XEL, and VOG

Caza and avn are steady reliable ones, but avn cant do more than double imo? Xel has already gone up a lot so cant more than triple. Vog is not actually geopolitically safe but it could be worse lol.

In terms of risk and upside, i would narrow it down to BPC and CAZA :)

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I like Tricor and Parkmead. The last time I looked, neither of them had anything whatsoever, and yet look at the share prices. Super case studies on human sentiment and market forces.

DOI: Sold Tricor for 10% gain, missing out on the 3x on the back of nothing, so may have some residual anti.

Edit: The monster in my portfolio is RKH. They tick all my boxes and I'm happy with the risk level.

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Wish I got into OTC earlier. Not in it right now.

GGG??? They're going nowhere, no?

My only AIM investment is ANGM - re-opening of a mine that they know will be producing!! Within a week should get an RNS and price should jump - next year they should also have good news with other developments. It's in Greenland, by the way.

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