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German Exports Fell In October As Euro-Area Demand Eased

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German Exports Fell in October as Euro-Area Demand Eased
German exports
unexpectedly dropped
in October as Europe’s sovereign debt crisis and a cooling global economy curbed demand..../
Austerity measures across the euro region are eroding demand for German goods in the country’s biggest export market. Factory orders from within the single-currency area dropped for a second month in October, the Economy Ministry said yesterday. Still, unemployment at an 18-year low is boosting consumption at home, putting the recovery in Europe’s largest economy on a firmer footing.

Unexpected? :blink:

Euros anyone?

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You forgot to quote this:

Exports increased 19.8 percent in October from a yearearlier, today’s report showed. Sales to countries within the16-member euro area rose 12.7 percent in the year, whileshipments to countries outside the European Union gained 28.4percent.


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German 10-year bonds slid, sending the yield on Europe’s benchmark government debt securities to more than 3 percent for the first time in seven months, as U.S. Treasuries slumped and the region’s fiscal crisis cooled.
The difference in yield between 10-year bunds and two-year notes widened to the most since June 22 before Germany sells 5 billion euros ($6.6 billion) of debt maturing in December 2012 today. The extra yield investors demand to hold Irish 10-year bonds instead of German securities narrowed after lawmakers in Ireland yesterday passed an initial series of votes on the nation’s budget, paving the way for a financial bailout.

On second thoughts, maybe Germany is seeing a fall off in its economic health due to its EU partners not doing so good?

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