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Sorry no link - watching it on the web in real time.

Irish retired civil servants with €12,000 a year or greater pensions to get a 4% cut. Same applies to those coming up to retirement.

we were talking about this recently at my work. apparently the pension scheme I am part of is running a deficit and one thing that I was suggested as potentially helping was cutting the amount paid out to some of those in reciept of the pensions. The argument against this was that 'people had paid in all their careers and are now entitled to it.

Whilst in some respects this is true it is also true that most current and soon to retire people are going to be withdrawing far more then they contributed so cutting their pensions slightly is more fair than the current new entrants paying for them only to get nothing at the end.

Unsurprisingly most of those most against this were all within 5 yrs of retirement...

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