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Could This Be The Xmas Number 1?

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blimey ...lemmys and the crew have morphed into staus quo ..... Intro reminds me a bit of blondie ...one way or another ........It does not suit them ... don't have any edge any more not a good sound ...its metal karaoke

'tis a pity

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We live on borrowed time, hope turned to dust,

Nothing is forgiven we fight for every crust.

The way we are is not the way we used to be my friend,

All things come to he who waits, the waiting never ends.

We are the chosen few; we are the frozen crew,

We don´t know what to do, just wasting time.

We don´t know when to quit, we don´t have room to spit,

But we´ll get over it, get back in line.

Stuck here ten thousand years, don´t know how to act,

Everything forgotten, specially the facts.

The way we live is running scared; I don´t like it much,

All things come to he who waits but these days most things suck.

We are the chosen ones, we don´t know right from wrong,

We don´t know what´s going on, don´t know enough to care.

We are the dogs of war; don´t even know what for,

But we obey the law, get back in line.

We are trapped in luxury, starving on parole,

No one told us who to love, we have sold our souls.

Why do we vote for faceless dogs? We always take the bait.

All things come to he who waits, but all things come too late.

We are the sacrifice, and we don´t like advice,

We always pay the price, pearls before swine.

Now we are only slaves, already in our graves,

And if you think that Jesus saves, get back in line.

If you think that Jesus saves, get back in line.

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Too many different groups going for a comedy number one this year. Going to split the anti xfactor vote, although maybe the bird'll get it.

601,646 fans - Surfin' Bird

58,111 Fans - JOHN CAGE'S "4'33'"'

4410 Fans - K*nt and the gang - "Use my ar$ehole as a ****"

3292 Fans - The Beatles - "Hey Jude"

1,871 Fans - The Beatles some other track

848 Fans - Christopher Dennis & The Swede Michaels Choir "The Christmas Sandwich"

762 Fans - Motorhead "Ace of Spades"

17 FansThree Lions

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i thought they made their point last year?

also it's annoying how many annoying family guy watching kids have latched on to surfin bird because of that stupid show

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In a music video for new song Get Back in Line the band gate-crash a bankers' club and attack them with fists, a baseball bat, a chair and trays of their own broken champagne flutes. Meanwhile the band belt out their song from a rooftop overlooking the Square Mile.

The song sucks, but a hilarious video.

I think they've cannily spotted an opportunity here, since RATM made number one last Xmas ;)

Is it Xmas again already? Blimey. Seems like yesterday we were posting on here about RATM hitting number one last time round.

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