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Its Not Just The Third World That Exports Human Waste To The West

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Dutchman Jackson Conquet confessed to murdering Leslie Paredes, 22, when she visited him at his Peruvian jail.

Dont know what peruvian jails are like. A friend of mine was born there, he said the medics gave his mother cocaine to numb the pain of pregnancy, not sure how true that is.

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I like the way that the Wail article has a picture that could be of Lima (the building style/climate looks right, and the Peruvian flag is a clue).

But it's a picture of a slum, not of a prison.

Still, if it's a picture of Lima, maybe it was "close enough" for the editors of the Wail...

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"Conquet, 32, admitted the killing at Lima's Lurigancho prison, which holds more than 8,000 inmates, many of them dangerous."

Many of them dangerous. Isn't that what prisons are for?

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