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Come on then ...........Some of you financial wizards............whats going on with the markets?

Pretty simple really, we are in a multi year bull market.

The uber bears will say different but they wont ever add any emperical evidence for why the stockmarket will collapse again after the 2007-09 crash.

The reality is after 40-50% falls then there are always multi year bull markets that follow.

Add in the 'negative interest' rates in the world and the bull market will continue and continue until interest rates become positive again. In the UK this would need to be 5% minimum to meet the real rate of inflation. If this situation occured then we would likely see a stockmarket crash.

Until then (i.e. 3-4 years away) then the market will continue to rise as will commodities.

Bonds and cash will lose around 20% in value over this period.

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Certainly possible.

But where now for Gold? Up up and continuing up for the foreseeable?

Gold's best seasonality is Nov-Jan so could well continue to rise over the short term. After that it usually falls slightly. So I think a breather for gold is possible in a month or two.

I sold my silver last week as it is way above its 200 day ma (by 45% now). It usually snaps back.

I think equities will take central stage over the next 6 months.

Regardless of the rubish that the ubers say, the stockmarkets are not overpriced in P/E terms v historical. A lot of firms are reporting excellent earnings. There is no euphoria by joe public for stocks. Likewise the market has gone from a P/E of 35 in 2000 to around 15 now.

All reasons why we are not at the top of the equities bubble. Far, far from it.

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