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How Much Snow Do You Have?


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It's been snowing pretty much all night and yet there is only about 1-2 inches on the ground!

Just got to try and drive home from work in a few minutes, should be fun!

I measured in on my back lawn - 4 days of snow, in the shade so no melting - 51cm/20.4 inches.

This is what the A57 a few miles from me looked like yesterday:


Edit to add that this is the Sheffield area.

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Only a few inches, but more than yesterday. Just been out with a broom to clear a space for feeding poor little birdies. :(

S*dding lurking cat isn't helping. Great fat black thing - why isn't it indoors curled up somewhere warm? If anyone knows how to keep evil lurking cats out of the garden please let me know.

Wheelie bin woman?

No snow at all in Swansea

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Been snowing here again this evening. The forecast earlier today said we'd get a couple of light flurries during the afternoon and one or two through the night.

Since about half 7 we've had another 3 or 4 inches at least! We're right on the coast so god knows what it's like further inland. It's just mental. Still snowing too.

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Lancs: 5cm valley floor / 10cm on the hills.

Zero. Not a single flake in Blackpool. The sun has been shining all week.

I remember it snowed for half an hour in Blackpool in 1990. Locals were stunned. Has it snowed since?

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