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The Irish Crisis: Taiwanese Animation Style

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What I find interesting is just how spot on the Taiwanese animators get Irish/British humour - it is quite Blackadderiss isnt it which is not something you expect from that part of Asia.

I would love to know how they animate/model it being able to churn it out so quickly. I suspect that there is some live modelling going on in there where they film human actors doing such and such before converting it to animation.


They even have "Feck" in there. Perhaps Father Ted has a huge following in Taiwan?

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They must have some British/Irish animators working for them.

That is what I thought.


A lot of US animation has been created in Taiwan for years now - scripts and initial stages done in the US then the bulk of the animations done out in Taiwan so perhaps Taiwanese animators just have a very knowledge of Western humour now?

Excellent stuff.

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