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Each Day That Goes By, The Next Election Gets A Month Closer.

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To be honest, I think we need a new party.

We certainly need a new money system (which would in fact be a return to an older system.)

Only if our means of exchange is issued debt-free by the whole community of its users (i.e. issued publicly) can we retain the relative freedom of a being sovereign nation with democratic self determination. Otherwise we are controlled by the money power and our so-called democracy is a sham.


We must free ourselves from the shackles of our debt-based, commmercially issued means of exchange.

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My view is that you are missing the critical point.

The bankers failed. Labour had the chance to force them to bear the cost of their failure. King was actually pretty vocal about moral hazard at the time but was shut down very quickly by Brown and Darling.

Instead of being rational, Labour forced society as whole to bear the costs of the bankers' failure. The government in Ireland appear to be on the brink of making the same mistake.

I am frankly geting pretty bored by the whole "bankers got away with it" theme. It was Labour who refused to admit that their neo-con policies didn't work and forced society to bear the costs of their policy failures in a vainglorious attempt to save face.


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A year ago I was saying the same - that vision had disappeared from politics and it was all about competence and pragmatism. Brown was pragmatic - it was very difficult to see any of what he did as left, or socialist, just 'firefighting'. He was pragmatic, but unfortunately he made bad misjudgements. Metaphorically, he threw water on a chip-pan fire because he thought that was the right thing to do.

I wasn't talking about the Tories, I don't think they're fascist, I was talking about elements on HPC !!!!

...who voted the Clown Brown in...?.nobody ....and unlikely ever to do so.....he was a Dictator ...along Stalinist lines.... :rolleyes:

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Have little sympathy. They were as quite as mice when Liebour introduced tuition fee's.

Occupying student buildings, yeh that will set the world alight. Free heating and a cold snap outside?

I smell smug complacency, or, possibly, somebody that's trying to delude themself.

Hey, that gang from Peckham are not as stupid as you think they are; they'll be around your Surrey pad in their white van avec pepper spray and baseball bats. You'll be easy pickings for them.

Sleep well Mr Smug

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Their policies are not old labour any more than every party has some core of similar policies (e.g. Labour and tory very similar in last 2 elections). However the evidence points to BNP voters being drawn from all camps, and most notably from previous non-voters (as I suggested in earlier post). http://www2.politicalbetting.com/index.php/archives/2009/10/25/where-are-the-bnp-votes-coming-from/

They are most closely aligned to old Liebour with some high degree nationalism thrown in; read their manifesto from the last election.

Well why did you imply BNP voters were more likely to be 'disillusinoned Tories' than ex Liebour supporters? That is just not true however much those on the left would like to spin it that way. As Hannan put it in this link constant repitition does not just make it true.


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