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Family Spending In 2009

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Could someone explained me how their stats show that a household spend the same money every month on culture and leisure as it does on housing and gaz/elect bills???

Average household spending on Housing, fuel and power £57.30 /week.

Ok I know that some people benefited from lower rate and paid also nothing on their mortgage but that is not the majority. I would like to see how they do their calculation to come up with only £248.3/ month for housing, gaz and electricity cost on average.

Sorry I am careful with my spending but that I can't do

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The recession led to a fall in family spending in 2009, data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggests.

It said the average household spent £455 a week last year, down from £471 a week in 2008.

It was the first fall recorded by the ONS's survey in the past 10 years.

The three largest categories of spending were transport, recreation and culture, and housing, fuel and power, with spending in each sector dropping during the year.

"This is the first annual decline in average UK household spend since the current method of recording was introduced in 2001-02, with higher expenditure on some housing related costs such as rent, electricity and gas offset by lower spending on mortgages," said Giles Horsfield, the editor of the ONS report.

"Lower spending on diesel and fuel contributed to lower expenditure on transport, but reductions were also seen on vehicle purchases and public transport."

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There will always be the people that spend they just can't help themselves...

I would suggest more of us are looking more closely at what we are spending, why we are spending it, can we spend less without it affecting us in an adverse way....more will be looking to spend less.

Less unnecessary waste= more cash in pocket=less debt=better quality of life.

Is it a want or is it a need? ;)

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