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Proposal To Give A Plot Of Land To Each Family On Birth Of 3Rd Child

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Warning that the demographic crisis of the 1990s was a challenge to the nation, Mr Medvedev said action should be taken to encourage larger families.

"In the next 15 years we will feel the demographic effects of the 1990s when the birth rate was low," he said.

"This is a serious threat. It is a challenge to our whole nation. According to experts, a good way to get over the demographic crisis is to radically increase the number of families with three or more children."

He proposed awarding a plot of land for building a house to each family on the birth of their third child.

Pah - We throw in the house! Amateurs................

(and some stuff about the next arms race too)

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Romans did something similar in allowing women who had had three children to hold legal title to property outside of the paterfamilias system.

Although I have to ask: why is it so important to avoid population contraction?

No country can pursue a policy of population expansion forever ... it's ponzi thinking again.

I think that Russia is facing a depopulation crisis. A country so large, with so few people, cannot be sustained. They will be overrun by others.

Methinks that this policy will only work if they give mothers the best land in Mother Russia. A large swathe of nowhere in Siberia isnt going to cut it. Assuming the Russian father can stay off the vodka long enough to do their stuff, what the mothers will want as an inducement is the best land in Russia, a small plot in central Londonski.

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Countries in radical demographic decline like Germany, Italy and Russia need pro-natalist policies. France and the Scandinavian countries have successfully gotten their birthrates to about replacement through such policies.

Two year maternity leave, making sure large work sites have day care, generous tax incentives for having children, etc..

The Nazis had a great pro-natalist party when they were in power.. even then Germany was facing demographic problems. And that was the state backed the mortgages for young families.. and when the first child was born, 25% of the loan was forgiven. On each child born 25% of the loan was forgiven, until finally on the fourth child the last 25% of the loan was forgiven.

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