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" Independent" O B R Report Released: It Is Glowingly Optimistic

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The OBR is being given a lot of publicity recently. That'll be because it's a new quango and because of it's name using the words Budget and Responsibility. People might think that it's Responsible and it Budgets but it's neither.

All it seems to do is make an "independent" assessment and confirm whether the Government's policy is supposedly consistent with a better than 50 per cent chance of achieving the forward looking fiscal mandate.

So they think it' s a hmmmm 50/50 chance. They think it's Evens that the £0.5 billion reduction is going to be on.

In government casino/bookie lingo these days it's more likely a Burlington Bertie 100/30 or longer odds than that. Maybe even a Macaroni at 25/1.

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