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Have The Christmas Sales Started?

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Early this morning the BBC was ramping up Christmas sales having begun in the shops with shops fighting for custom in the run-up to Christmas.

This now appears to have disappeared from their bulletins - perhaps because, well, it ain't true.

If anything, the shops are holding out and I am seeing no sign of the major chains disocunting yet. You get the impression that they are hoping that the VAT rise will panic people into buying now - usually by this week in November several of the chains have already started their sales.

Looks like some BBC journo got excited about the Amazon Black Friday stuff and they put out a non-story.

Anyone seeing sales in the shops?

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Haven't seen any sales, but I was in Glasgow yesterday and it was absolutely rammed with shoppers.

I often wonder when the high street shops / shopping centres moan about footfall, how they could physically fit any more in the space available? Certainly having to jostle with debt fuelled consumer zombies put me off walking down a few streets and I had to devise an alternative route on the way to the restaurant I was visiting.

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It's a weird recession. As others have said on this forum, people still in jobs seem to be rolling in it.

Certainly here in "stockbroker belt" St Albans, the shops are heaving with punters grabbing pointless expensive tat.

The best example seen so far: Xmas trees on sale yesterday with no roots. They'll be dead way before the 25th, so what's the effing point?

PS Shouldn't this be in "Anecdotals"?

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