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Jeeeez laweez! Has breakdown cover shot up in line with insurance? My car insurance was a rip-off this year, had to haggle big time just to get it to what it was last year (slightly less actually). AA is a rip-off, RAC a bit better, ended up going with Greenflag.

So many options - in the end decided to get car cover (not personal which increases the cost) - left out the 'at home cover' which also boosted the price. There were stupid things like 'send texts to loved ones' which anybody can do without!? Anyway.... £52 or so!! Was going to get the very basic package (£23) but that only takes you to the 'closest' garage and doesn't drop you off anywhere.

How about you guys - any tips for next year!?

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Quidco can bring the price of policies down by more than half or I pay £40 or so for this: http://www.autoaidbreakdown.co.uk/

It's an insurance policy for breakdown, with most of the bells and whistles, you have to pay for recovery, then claim. But they do have a 24hr line to arrange for a recovery, you still have to pay the local recovery company of course (then claim), but they also pay for hotels etc if required.

Used them 3 times in 1 year, they paid out £60 each time for recovery and still renewed me at the same price :D

Thankfully my rust bucket has been running strong for a whole year now, expecting it to blow up anytime soon however. :blink:

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