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We all know what is proposed in the ROI - the status quo with a lot more debt, the good times at an end but for a few. My proposal is the opposite direction -

1) Tell the IMF/EU to get stuffed.

2) Replace the current government with one selected from outside any current political party.

3) We all know who the culpable and corrupt are - jail them.

4) Plenty of houses to go around - cancel all mortgages, give every family their own house, debt free.

5) Get rid of all taxes and welfare and replace with a land value tax/citizen's income to pay for a basic public service of healthcare and essential services.

6) Aim to be self-sufficient in energy (and maybe food) production in less than a decade.

7) Allow small home grown businesses to thrive and form the new economy.

Send the message the the people are in charge, that they will create wealth for their country on their own terms and that spivs, chancers and wanabee politicians need not apply.

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I like it, there must be a catch for this idealology though.

There's always a catch, but look at the way things are currently going - brain drain, high taxes, no money for investment, another bunch of the usual chancers in charge, if not Sinn Fein, policy dictated by EU/IMF.

Someone made a great point on the main forum a wee while back - a default isn't the end of the world - money has no loyalties and when Ireland wants to trade again with the rest of the world, there will be buyers and investors aplenty. A population with no debt, independence, pride and everything to work for.

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Big march today in Dublin. - up to 100,000:



And no trouble as far as I can see, unlike the recent march in London with a few thousand students who were kettled into playing up.

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Seems to be alot more talk about Ireland defaulting, I get the feeling the UK already knew there was a danger the Republic could decide to default and hence offered the big loan very quickly.

Would I be right in saying the UK has alot to lose if Ireland defaults like Iceland? They seemed to have some stern words with Iceland and their liabilities in a loan shark kind of way, but it didn't seem to have that much effect, Iceland defaulted and are the better for it.

Edit to say - could this be the start of the collapse.

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