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Nigel Farage is a guest, and he says he thinks it is.

Farage got pitched the question first and got a big round of applause when he predicted a) demise of the Euro and B) demise of the European Project.

Gloria Del Piero getting short shrift from the audience. Dimblebore amusingly reminding Paddy Pantsdown and Ken Clarke of ancient quotes about how much they loved the Euro.

Paddy sticking to the 'it started in America' line. Well done there.

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Liebour girly insane -

Gordon didnt go into euro because it didnt benefit british workers at the time.

We should go into euro when it benefits british workers.

(and presumably get out when its not)

(and presumably go back in when it is again)

Does she think its some kind of holiday club?!

She sounds ridiculous.

Pantsdown confusing himself. And the audience.

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But Clarke did mention the property boom (althought bubble would have been better).

From the bits of Tory policy that are seeping out and impact directly upon housing, they certainly seem to 'get it'. My gut feeling is that they are trying to deflate the market gradually.

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Well I just put the TV on, I managed 45 seconds before shouting and some pretty women in a shiney jacket. She was discussing the 'never had it so good' comment, which has been blown out of all proportion.

The seals in the audiance clapped he ignorant comments as usual!

I'm watching a program on BBC4 about Delphi instead

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The euro may go down, but the UK should stop congratulating itself - investors will come knocking at sterling's door, and the ridiculous fraud will have to stop pretending it's not at home and stick its head out.


Made me laugh when Clarke said whose going to buy greek debt if its in Drachma.

Whose buying ours - the BoE :lol:

We're all screwed. Theyre lieing about the euro being a cause of stability or problems. The eurozone countries werent exactly third world before 2000 and the euro, nor would they be if they exited it.

What matters is that its undemocratic. Not the economic issues.

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